Wednesday, 30 December 2015

An Open Eulogy For Everyone who Died this Year

Tomorrow it will be New Years Eve in the Western Hemisphere and the first day of the New Year in the Eastern Hemisphere (because, time zones. UGHH). But before we cross the threshold into another year, it's only fair that we remember all those who won't be joining us.

There are many of you who I don't know. I may not even know that you ever existed. Or I may not have known you personally. But your life was as beautiful as everything else in this universe. It may have felt like you were nothing. Your death of no consequence and immediately forgotten. You never got big memorials, History did not write your name down. But the universe felt your loss. You were an as much a significant part of the Universe as anyone else is. I remember you. I don't know you. But I grieve in your loss. May your afterlife be better for you. May you find happiness. I love you.

To those of you who had people who loved you ever so much; you are very lucky. Some of you died way too young. You were cruelly denied your youth. Your opportunities taken away. I feel your angst. Some of you lived your life to the fullest. You died happily. You died content. I am happy for you. Know that your family still misses you. They still grieve you. They feel empty without you. They haven't stopped loving you. I feel their loss. For losing someone, no matter how long ago, doesn't numb the pain. It only exhilarates it. I send my love to them. I hope they remember all the good moments from your life and find the strength to endure the painful ones.

Some of you died for no reason. Your life was robbed from you. Why? For the personal interests of a few individuals. IT'S NOT FAIR. I am angry for you. I am grieving for you. Because it's not FAIR. But as someone wise once told me, "Life is never fair.". But I wish it was. I wish it was. Be in peace and I pray and hope that your families find peace.

To all the children who had to die this year; our world is cruel to not protect you and nurture you. Most of you never got the media attention little Alan did, whose death was no less terrible. Sleep well my children. I cry for you. No child should drown. No child should be shot. No child should be killed so cruelly. I vow that I shall work to ensure that children don't have to die as you did. For we owe you that much. And much more. You had bright futures. You had amazing possibilities and paths to choose from ahead of you. I fell the harshness of your loss.

Ave Atque Vale. All of you.

Zoe Summers

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